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Don't just take our word for it. Here are some kind words from some lovely people.


You can't have a bad time here everyone is friendly the coaches are really easy going and make everything easy to understand"

Wez Fryatt- Regular student


"Really positive and welcoming environment, had a great workout."

Michael Sala Tenna- Fitness classes


"The most friendly group of people to learn and train with. Instruction is fantastic and thorough."

Scott Wright- Visiting student


"I've been on the mat training for over 20 years. I've met lots of different people and had many varied experiences dealing with all types of instructors.

In my opinion the hardest type of instructor to find is one that cares about what they do, whilst caring about their students. I am privileged to know and train with instructors like this. I also do my best to be one of these instructors.

Richard, contacted me, came across the country to my academy in Melbourne so that he might find something that he could take home and share. That is commitment. His quest for not only knowledge but also best practice knows no bounds.

When you find someone like this, do not just become their student, become their friend. It is a great investment in yourself to associate with such people.

Passion and dedication have no belt/rank requirement. A high belt/rank doesn't guarantee commitment to you, the student.

Do yourself a favour, train with Richard."

​Dave Krstic- Gracie Templestowe Owner and Coach.


"If you have never done a class... this place is extremely welcoming and friendly. Id say the best kids classes going around. Plus if you have some experience. ..come down and roll with Rich. ..good luck you will need it! 10/10 cant recommend this club enough."

Tim Auty-Regular Student


"Firstly the people that are in charge are extremely nice People and will help you and give you comments on your jui jitsu.It is a Very good place to learn jui jitsu and I hope to return soon."

Jackson Cosh- Regular Student


"Supportive of everyones journey and a really positive place to train"

Megan Hall- Regular Student


"This is an awesome place to learn jiu jitsu. Excellent instruction, fun and friendly."

Elizabeth Marshall- Regular Student

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