About Us

When it comes to creating the best environment for learning, there is no stone left unturned at SBG WA. It has been proven beyond doubt that good learning occurs when the following are present :-

1. Fun - Why even turn up if you aren't having fun right?


2. Engagement - We encourage you to provide feedback and give you the tools necessary to modify and adjust your own personal journey.


3. Challenge - There is nothing as satisfying as completing something difficult when you weren't sure if you could. We slowly build you up and have an excellent program to show you what a truly amazing and capable person you really are.


One step at a time.


There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you have the  knowledge and ability to defend yourself. At SBG WA we have a world class foundations program to get you started. It is designed for everybody and for every body. It doesn't matter what your fitness level is or if you have any prior experience. Our qualified instructors have all the skills required to get you from the level you are at right now, to the level you want to get to.

You just have to call us and we will do the rest!


If there is one thing we can help give your children it would be confidence.

Confidence to stand up for themselves.

Confidence to make decisions without fear of repercussions.

Confidence to tackle problems head on.

Our kids program is not just about teaching kids to defend themselves. It's about taking control of their own life and being more sensitive to those around them.

SBG kids are more balanced kids.

Call up today and find out why.



Tired of going to gyms and getting no results or feeling bored?

Feel like you want to change things up a little but not sure what to do?

At SBG WA we have something completely different for you. Our fitness classes incorporate body weight training and movement to give you cardio, flexibility and core strength like nothing else on the market.

It is super low impact and our wrestling mats allow you to do things you just can't do on a hard floor. Everything is self paced and there are increasing levels of difficulty as your body gets used to the movements. Do yourself a favour and give us a call today!


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