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how it all works

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Unless you live under a rock, everyone understands the importance of being fit and active and unless you have a physical job, you can't get away with doing nothing.

So don't pay hundreds of dollars to be at a gym just to have a machine tell you what to do or just move some steel around. Come to SBG and get all the benefits of that plus!

-Learn an actual functional skill.

-Meet some awesome people and make friends.

-Have a bunch of coaches ready to help you.

-Gain confidence.

There is nothing quite like a combat sport to get you physically fit and it'll push you harder than any machine will. 

However! Most of us don't like the idea of fighting or don't feel physically ready to even try anything like that.


That's where we have you covered. Our programs are specifically designed to take you from where you are now, to wherever you want to get to. 

Here is how it works for you. 

in the beginning there is foundations

We have a specifically designed 10 weeks course to get you started. There is no sparring and you are not expected to be able to do anything other than turn up. 

This course sets you up for whichever program you want to enter into. Some people love the BJJ program more, some love our MMA program. Either way it's foundations first.


 You will be introduced to the most common problems that are encountered in a physical altercation and some very high percentage solutions that work for anybody with any body. Our number one strategy is to get close and clinch to prevent striking and get the person to the ground where physical attributes are somewhat evened out. Once on the ground we have the option of tiring the person out and negotiating a better outcome or we can render them unconscious/physically incapable of attacking us anymore. 

By looking at combat with the emphasis on problem solving, we quickly realise that it's a lot to do with strategy and physics, rather than just being big and strong and smashing stuff. 

It becomes a game then. 

It becomes fun.

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and it's onwards and upwards from there

Once you feel ready for the next challenge we open up some more opportunities for you. You can start sparring experienced team members who will

a) do their best to ensure neither of you gets injured

b) not just beat you up to satisfy their own egos


It's moving onto the next level of problem.

How do you make someone submit who knows what they are doing?


That's when it really gets fun and challenging and we'll slowly introduce you to it and ensure you are both physically and mentally up for it as best as we can.

This process is the one people fall in love with and you can take it to the highest level. 

If you can submit your team mates who are trained athletes and capable in the art of Jiu Jitsu, then what chance does a person with no experience have against you in a real fight?

Can you combine all aspects of fighting in our MMA program?

It really is something that has to be experienced first hand to understand how effective Jiu Jitsu is. We have a range of options that will allow you to try it out and see if it's something that is going to work for you or not.


To be honest, we have no idea who that is going to be.


It might just be you though, so give us a yell and we can book an appointment to discuss things further and be one step closer to finding out. 

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