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Traditionally people wanting to do MMA have to piece together their skill set. You go and learn Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Mauy Thai, Karate or some kind of striking.

You then learn some grappling or wrestling.

However, each style has it's own way of doing things and if you look at competing there are rules that effect what you can and can't do. Some styles don't allow head kicks. Some score more for kicks than punches. Some have no clinch work. Some have no elbows. It all depends on what that particular style is.

This limits effectiveness when you can combine it all together.

Tae kwon do

At SBG WA we focus on the fundamentals. That is the underlying mechanics and principles behind what makes something work. 

Our classes are designed to teach you how to strike, grapple and wrestle in an MMA context. This means you are not learning separate skills and having to put them together and modify them to suit MMA. You are learning what you need to do and applying it in the correct manner from day 1.

street fight self defence

At SBGWA we offer the one thing nobody else can. 

A one stop shop for all your MMA needs.

You have to train at a place where the fundamentals of MMA are taught from day one and not have to piece it all together yourself.


If you are interested in learning MMA skills from the ground up then hit the button below and schedule a free appointment today!

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