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meet some of our coaches

Richard is an SBG black belt who has a passion for coaching and helping others. He has spent over a decade studying and learning everything he can get his hands on when it comes to intelligent training methodologies.

His philosophy is that you learn best by doing and his classes focus on alive drilling rather than pointless kata.

He has an ability to simplify complex tasks down into manageable chunks that allows you build skills and knowledge quickly. 

He has a proven track record of this with many SBG athletes doing well on the competition scene and people reaching their goals. 

MMA coach

Richard Peterson - Head coach 

Martial arts albany.jpg

Michael Williams - MMA coach

Mickey is an SBG purple belt who is highly focused on creating very technically proficient athletes. 

His passion is preparing and getting athletes ready to compete and enjoys the game planning and strategy involved in the sport of MMA.

Mickey is also active on the BJJ competition scene with multiple medals to his name.

He is interested in what actually works and has a vast library of study resources that has to be seen to be believed. 

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