Traditionally, striking in martial arts is taught as a style. You can go and learn Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Mauy Thai, Karate etc... and there are many positives in doing so.

However, each style has it's own way of doing things and if you look at competing there are rules that effect what you can and can't do. Some styles don't allow head kicks. Some score more for kicks than punches. Some have no clinch work. Some have no elbows. It all depends on what that particular style is.

This limits effectiveness when there are no rules.

Tae kwon do

At SBG WA we focus on the fundamentals. That is the underlying mechanics and principles behind what makes something work. 

We are interested in what works in a fight. We don't care what style you prefer, it's about what works in any given situation. There are underlying principles and things that everyone has to do the same which transcend style or rule sets. These things are the fundamentals. 

street fight self defence

At SBGWA we also like to look at what connects striking to grappling? What striking tools are best for what distances? What attributes do you have that will marry well with different tools?

There is no "one size fits all" style on the planet. You have to train at a place where the fundamentals are taught and there is a culture and methodology that allows for you to find your own individual style.

You might be short and slow.

You might be a counter striker.

You might like to work in the clinch.

Nobody knows what your style will be except you. We just give you the coaching, the tools and the training partners you need to help you find it.



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