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What do I wear?

For your trial class just wear normal exercise gear. Please ensure closed shoulder tops with high neck. Shorts or tights are fine but ensure they do not have loose leg openings.  We roll around in all different positions so your modesty is paramount. 

Will I get hurt?

We have an excellent track record of people not getting injured. Like any physical activity there is inherent risk involved in using your body. We find people miss more sessions due to other sports than training injuries. 

Can I work with existing injuries? 

Absolutely. We have a few mature athletes on the mat in their 50s and 60s with bodies that have some miles on the clock. Everyone understands and is respectful of everyone else's bodies and acts accordingly. Injuries can be worked around and we prefer to focus on what you can do than what you can't.

Will I get beat up?

Definitely not. We have systems in place to ensure this doesn't happen and a culture focused on being respectful of everyone's journey. 

Can I drop in if I train at another academy? 

Please do. We would love to see you and share our love of martial arts. If you are paying fees at another academy then there are no drop in fees. 

Do I need to be fit before I start? 

Not at all. Most people do this as a way TO get fit. Plus our beginner focused Foundations program is designed for inexperienced bodies that anyone can join in on.

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