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Chimps 8+ yrs old

This is where the challenge increases for the kids and they are exposed to the full technique range of BJJ. 

We still mostly continue with our objective based game strategy but there is an increased emphasis on the more technical aspects.

We target building resilience in our kids through multiple avenues.

-Understanding losing and how to use it to your advantage.

-Dealing with negative feelings when things don't go your way.

-Understanding that obstacles are often something you can work through or around with intelligent thinking and tenacity.

-Accepting things as they are rather than as you want them to be.

-Being open and honest about your feelings and respecting others feelings

We consistently find that kids that have been in our program for a while are much more capable of dealing with issues in the real world and are much more confident and capable than when they started.


kids martial arts competing

Enrol your child today and set them up to thrive

Kids mma

There is no doubt about it. The skills your child will learn from us are transferable and applicable to their real lives. 

Watch them grow and expand their skillset.


Enjoy seeing them gain more control over their emotions as they progress through our program. 

Confident and capable kids are the norm for us and we would love to be able to help you and be a part of the team that helps give your kids the head start they need to cope in todays modern world.

Our response to bullying behaviour

It known that most people who like to take advantage of others through physical, social or verbal bullying have a plan. 

Therefore it becomes imperative that your child has the skills to deal with this better and a plan if things get physical.


1. Avoid the fight at all costs. The best outcome is always do your best to avoid physical conflict.

2. You are allowed to physically defend yourself if someone physically attacks you. This does NOT mean fighting them. There is no punching or kicking allowed when defending yourself. The plan is to take them down to the ground where they can't hurt you and waiting for help to arrive. This is the safest and most effective way to deal with someone who is trying to physically hurt you. You can gently apply submissions if required to achieve compliance from the bully, but not hurt them. 

Once your child has the skills and a plan to implement that doesn't involve fighting, then they are much more confident to tell someone to leave them alone without being scared of the consequences that might happen when they stand up for themselves. 

And that's a very powerful thing. 

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