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Empowering women though our SBG Foundations program

At SBGWA we understand what it takes to practice BJJ as a woman and have created a safe and inclusive place for you to train at. 

Janelle and I have dealt with the good the bad and the ugly over our 20 years combined experience in what is generally a male dominated activity and are very proud of our all inclusive club and what we can do for you. 


What does that actually entail though?

First of all it begins with understanding and accepting everyone who walks through our door.

Is does not concern us how fit you are, what your level of experience is or how uncomfortable you might be doing some of the drills. You are who you are and we are happy to have you as part of our team.

We have a space for you and allow you to be yourself in all of our co-ed classes.

Change rooms? Yep! Showers and toilets? Yep! We even have your training gear covered.

We don't force you to do anything you aren't ready for either. 

Don't want to drill with a male team member you don't know yet? It's fine.

Uncomfortable being held down by someone you aren't familiar with? Don't do it! 

Just want to come and watch because you are feeling super tired? Grab a seat tiger! 

We understand that you are not always going to be at your best or have a training session where you are going to burn the mat up and have proven strategies to help you deal with that. 

We have a structured process from whoa to go where you are taken from wherever you are at now, to wherever you want to go with it. 

In short we would love you to be part of our team. We do have a bunch of fantastic ladies already training on the mat. We would love to have more and the only thing missing is you! 

'I was prescribed antidepressants this year but I didn’t feel they
were suitable for my situation so I took up Brazilian jiu jitsu at SBG
instead and I haven’t looked back.


Self defence training has really helped my body feel safer and helped

me to regain a sense of personal power.


As a woman, I need self defence more than guys but I was also
more afraid to join classes. I’m not into violent sports so I wasn’t
sure if I’d feel comfortable doing martial arts but the strong culture
of respect at this gym is empowering and supportive.


Ironically, attending classes to role-play being choked or punched is one

of the places I feel the safest and most respected during my week. And I feel
safer and more confident outside class too.


Physically, it’s good fitness.

Socially, it’s a good bunch of people.

Mentally, it’s fun, like a 3D game where your body is the game piece.

And emotionally, it’s a safe and respectful space. Everyone’s here to learn together.

Highly recommend.'


Rachel Pontin

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